[rosa-devel] We need help from community

Alexander Kazancev alexander.kazantsev at rosalab.ru
Thu Dec 12 00:16:46 MSK 2013

2013/12/11 symbianflo <symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro>

> HP M1522n

For HP need update to latest cups (and id not show lp group for user add
youself to it, but this also consisted in latest update). For LXDE need
update Lightdm for latest version...

Also need run hp-doctor from root and install plugins...

In cups will try use not hplip, but hpcups drivers, before check for
foomatic packages installed.

May be some proplem will disappear after some fix in cups-filters (i will
plan send new version to QA tomorrow).

Alexander Kazancev
Release manager of ROSA Desktop distribution
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