[rosa-devel] SteamOS is based on Debian, its Kernel is similar to my rtQL & ONE projects...

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Sat Dec 14 16:36:00 MSK 2013


It seems be similar to my kernel rtQL... (full preempt rt + many others speedup patches/configs)
while kernel ONE had already the basis to includešPREEMPT_RT_FULL, if any future will be...


SteamOS is using the Linux 3.10 kernel, but it's not a vanilla kernel. There's many patches added onto the Linux 3.10 kernel for SteamOS, particularly taken from the real-time patch-set and other changes. As pointed out byša Phoronix reader, "SteamOS appears to be using linux 3.10 - PREEMPT_RT_FULL (unsurprisingly) with a heavy amount of patching (282 patches for -rt in the 'all' architectures/folder, alone). The kernel is also using aufs and they seem to be sitting on some bug fixes for upstream on top of that. Some of the -rt related hacks they are using i have seen (in one case, i am using the same patch for ntrig)... It looks like they have gone to a lot of effort getting the kernel just right for their needs."

bye, NicCo
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