[rosa-devel] scoolttool

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Sun Dec 15 02:41:45 MSK 2013

All needed zope modules , are imported at the latest version available ATM,
scooltool build done for rosa2012.1.
A big thanks to Denis for "almost-automatic import" :D
*/Is not published, and please don't publish it until somebody can test it/* ,
since I've build it against pil and not pillow I can not imagine what  
regression can cause in scooltool.
I would insist on keeping pil as python-imaging provider ATM,
until hplip is fixed, and keep pillow for later run.

Here you have the 2 builds for fresh:



All req. are in contrib , contrib-updates.


     -  MRB ain't no shit
     -  Rosalinux.ro
     -  Mandrivausers.ro

*_/Talk is cheap. Show me the code./_*
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