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symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Sun Dec 15 16:27:52 MSK 2013

In data domenica 15 dicembre 2013 13:01:01, Mario Moles ha scritto:
> To install correctly, it was necessary to uninstall 2 packages :
> python-oauth2-1.5.211-1.noarch and python-docutils-0.8-2.noarch

Yes I'm aware about this , it is because  python-docutils provides also roman.py file included in python-roman also, and a correct 
fix would be rebuild python-docutils rename  roman.py since the same file-name is provided by another module, but... 
*/python-docutils  is in main ...untachable AFIC/*

*/ python-roman is in contrib , it's *egg.info is needed by some zope modules/*, 

so I think a dirty fix can be to add :
Conflicts: */python-docutils   /*
on the scooltool  spec , but let's see the one of the official packager opinion ,
to test it would be enough :

*/urpmi --test python-docutils  python-roman/*

somewhere should be a conflict.... but is not , now logic thinking , python-roman provides the file roman.py
 converter for roman numbers and this is it's purpose , as I see it */python-docutils should be rebuild,/*
but of course I might be wrong.


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