[rosa-devel] /etc/urpmi/urpmicfg.d - analogue of /etc/yum.repos.d

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Mon Dec 16 22:05:59 MSK 2013

Hi all,

urpmi is often compared with its analogues like yum and apt and one of 
the features missing in our sowftare manager is possibility to put 
descriptions of different repositories to different files, without 
introducing a big mess in /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg.

At the same time yum, for example, provides possibility to put *repo 
files to /etc/yum/repos.d folder (or any other folder you set in 
configuration). So you can get different files for repositories of 
different purposes. And if you (or more likley - some automated software 
like http://www.katello.org/) want to add/remove a set of repositories 
to you system, it can just add/remove a file from /etc/yum/repos.d.

To be sure, in ROSA/OMV you can do this by calling 
urpmi.addmedia/urpmi.removemedia, but this approach has some 
disadvantages. For example, if you call urpmi.addmedia in post-scripts, 
it is not clear for users why some repositories suddenly appear in their 
systems; in case of systems like Katello it is much more convenient to 
have a separate repo file completely managed by the system itself, etc.

Today I pushed a first attempt to implement analogue of /etc/yum.repos.d 
to the testing repo of ROSA Desktop Fresh. Those of you who have testing 
repos enabled, will get an updated urpmi with which you will be able to 
create *cfg files in /etc/urpmi/urpmicfg.d folder (the folder should be 
created manually atm). *cfg files should be of the same format as 
urpmi.cfg except the global options section - there is no need in it in 
/etc/urpmi/urpmicfg.d/*cfg files.

Urpmi, Rpmdrake & other tools will read information from these cfg files 
in addition to urpmi.cfg. If you invoke manager of Media Sources 
(drakrpm-edit-media), you should be able to modify parameters of media 
specified in /etc/urpmi/urpmicfg.d/*cfg files (to be sure, these 
parameters will be updated in the corresponding cfg file). If you just 
add a new media by means of urpmi.addmedia or drakrpm-edit-media, it 
will be simply added to urpmi.cfg.

So if you are interested in this feature, feel free to test and provide 
your feedback. Even it is completely out of interest for you, it will be 
useful for us to know that updated urpmi at least doesn't break anything.

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