[rosa-devel] Updates Builder - Visualization of Update Results

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Wed Dec 18 12:47:26 MSK 2013

Hi all,

as some of you likely know, we have an Updates Builder service that 
detects new upstream releases for some packages and tries to build these 
new versions in ABF for ROSA and OMV.

Now we have pages with statistics concerning Updates Builder work:
ROSA: http://upstream-tracker.org/updates_builder_reports/rosa_results.html
OMV: http://upstream-tracker.org/updates_builder_reports/omv_results.html

More details here:

Feel free to take a look at these pages from time to time and help 
Updates builder to update packages:) (though note that many of that 
packages are not crucial and their updates can wait for some time).

Denis Silakov, ROSA Laboratory.

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