[rosa-devel] Updates Builder - Visualization of Update Results

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Thu Dec 19 13:09:42 MSK 2013

On 12/18/2013 10:21 PM, symbianflo wrote:
> Ok , I'll try to help this "update builder" guy :D where I can , of 
> course..
> This would be a awesome tool , with all ups and downs , still remain
> a big help for the packagers, IMO.
> And another thing what permits is needed to add gits in update builder?
> Can I use it for _my-personal ? ( witch will end up in contrib,
> almost at 100% ...)

The current schema is like the following:
* Packages to track are taken from wiki - 

If you want, you can just add packages to that wiki page. Unfortunately, 
currently you can't specify group different from "import" or 
"openmandriva" (so you can't use the service for your personal repo). 
But you can specify your ABF account there, Updates Builder will send 
you emails about update attempts:)

* Updates Builder launchers detect if new version exist on the basis of
1) Updates Tracker at upstream-tracker.org
2) mib-report tool which compares ROSA with OMV and MGA

* Updates builder builds a new version (of ot os detected) to the import 
group, to a separate auo_update branch. You are free to work directly in 
that branch, but note that in a week Updates builder will perform one 
more update attempt and will rewrite that branch, So likely it is better 
to fork the project to your personal platform or merge auto_updaet 
branch to your existing project.

Denis Silakov, ROSA Laboratory.

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