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Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Fri Dec 20 16:42:37 MSK 2013

It's Ok for me!

All these things can be added/modified since next 3.10.25

My project folder with 3.10.25 has been already modified,
accepted items from 1 to 4, if none right opposition come

for 5> we can leave that patch for now, it does not hurt

now waiting for the stable kernel 3.10.25 release
it should be released soon >


bye, NicCo

Il Venerdì 20 Dicembre 2013 12:55, Eugene Shatokhin <eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru> ha scritto:

This week, I have
 reviewed part of the patchset for the kernel 3.10.x. I 
have a few suggestions.

ndiswrapper 1.59 was released this November. It now supports kernels 
3.10-3.12 too. Several critical problems have been fixed as well (we are 
lucky most of our users seem not to use ndiswrapper 1.58, it is likely 
to be broken).

I prepared the patches for our kernel to add ndiswrapper 1.59, they are 

What I suggest:
- Remove from patches/:
- Add 3rd-ndiswrapper-1.59.patch there
- Replace 3rd-ndiswrapper-Makefile-build-fix.patch with the attached one
- Keep 3rd-ndiswrapper-Kconfig.patch, it is OK unchanged.

"heci" driver for Intel Management Engine Interface was removed from the 
mainline kernel in 2009. "mei" driver was
 added there in 2011 for that 
purpose instead and now it supercedes "heci". The hardware serviced by 
"heci" is now handled by "mei". Therefore, "heci" driver is not needed 
at least for kernel 3.10 and newer.

What I suggest: drop "heci" patches. Namely:

The patch char-agp-intel-new-Q57-id.patch should be updated. Part of the 
changes from this patch are already in the mainline kernel (commit 
67384fe3fd450536342330f684ea1f7dcaef8130, "char/agp: add another 
Ironlake host bridge"). The commit was made by Eugeni Dodonov, by the way.

I have updated the patch taking this into account.

What I suggest: replace char-agp-intel-new-Q57-id.patch with the 
attached one.

There are Mandriva-specific patches that add IFWLOG and psd netfilter 
extensions (patches/net-*netfilter-*). Looks like they were only needed 
for Mandriva Interactive Firewall 
(http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Projects/Interactive_Firewall, thanks for 
my colleagues for pointing that out).

Is that project still alive?

If not, we could drop the patches and simplify the maintenance of our 
kernels a bit this way.

There is also a patch set that adds support for Mach64 video adapters 
(ATI Rage Pro and earlier, the predecessors of ATI Radeon).

I wonder, if we still need to maintain support for these old video 
adapters for ROSA and OpenMandriva, at least for the kernel 3.10 and newer?

It looks like, the support was very far from ideal anyway (see 
http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/ATIMach64/, etc., for example).

The last update of the drivers I could find in 
git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/drm, was 6 years ago, with one 
trivial changed related to mach64 4 years ago.

The driver is not included into the mainline kernel and it seems, it is 
no longer maintained. So if we decide to support this driver further, we 
need to maintain it ourselves of find someone to do that.

Is it really needed?

If it is not, we could remove the relevant kernel patches and ease the 
maintenance burden a bit more.

Thanks for reading this not-so-short letter ;-)


Eugene Shatokhin, ROSA Laboratory.
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