[rosa-devel] Updates Builder

symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Thu Dec 26 17:39:07 MSK 2013

Il 26/12/2013 12:22, Denis Silakov ha scritto:
> On 12/26/2013 03:15 PM, Symbian Flo wrote:
>> Just a thought..
>> I think that first of all we need a clean and right spec file , 
>> because to update on those specs , by only increase
>> the version it is a mess...I know that years ago those spec files 
>> ware perfect , but now ...
>> Or maybe its just me who hates useless macros and bullets....
>> IMHO graphite2 ( for example) should be rebuild with graphite2, 
>> lib%name and %devname, separate
>> provided packages, maybe a bit of %major definition (just to keep a 
>> future clean update..)
>> I mean at least those witch end up in main or main-updates....
>> Greetings
> Yes, that would be nice. Andrey Bondrove performed such cleanups for 
> most packages in main, but in contrib we still hace a lot of packages 
> with quite ugly specs.
> There is also a spec-cleaner script which is invoked automatically by 
> Updates Builder:
> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/dsilakov/repo-fixers/blob/master/spec-cleaner.pl
> But to be sure, not all issues can be corrected in a completely 
> automated way.
> In addition, Updates Builder can sometimes produce 
> not-very-nice-looking spec by itself (e.g., when adding/dropping 
> entries from %files section), so sometimes it makes sense to look at 
> its changes and clean them a little.
ok now that I know i'll try to clean a bit  what I can...


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