[rosa-devel] python3 and rosa

symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Sat Dec 28 10:02:34 MSK 2013

Il 27/12/2013 23:57, oeai ha scritto:
> i think that in case of switching there's a need of full ist of 
> incompatible with 3 soft and if it is less than list of compatible, 
> then maybe switch 3 to main and 2 in contrib for obsoletes.
> but for soft req maybe it would be nice to have both and just link 
> latest with ~python and leave python.2.7 and have python.3.3 for me it 
> is frustrating to see python2, python3 it seems for me like it is 
> breaking some policies imho.
> and as for branching maybe in case of include python.3 the 2 spec and 
> build maybe should be recompiled, so it wasn't installing self as main.
About switching to 3.3 abi as default or not , Rosa have to decide,.
About branching python3 IMO is the cleanest  and
normal approach, separate branch /spec/rpm's ,
  what we'll do when we have to update/maintain modules only for one of 
2 abi?
( difficult we'll get updates for 2.7, but for 3.x they are coming, and 
a lot.. )
So as I've said before I'll go for branching, (unless it will be decided 
and avoid all the bullets ,pushd/popd,  install in %buildroot,and scams 
in the spec files,
would be nice to port the contrib specs at the main specs level
( or at list at the most of the main specs level).
Fedora's approach would be nice if we would have their amount of 
packagers, but we don't ..
beside fedora is too "macros addicted" for my taste for every single 
useless shit
they have a macro or a bullet...



MRB ain't no shit




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