[rosa-devel] Kernel 3.10.25 with backlight fixes

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Mon Dec 30 18:44:59 MSK 2013


tested on a laptop of a friend (Dell Precision M6600)
Fn + brightness up/down still does not works...

also with 

Il Lunedì 30 Dicembre 2013 9:06, Eugene Shatokhin <eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru> ha scritto:

It seems, there are issues with backlight and brightness control on some 
laptops (mostly the ones that support Windows 8): keys to 
increase/decrease brightness are not working, etc.

The issues seem to be fixed in kernel 3.12 and newer.

Good news is, I have adapted these fixes and workarounds for the kernel 
3.10.x as well.

So, if there are problems with backlight or brightness control on your 
laptop with ROSA, here are the packages with kernel 3.10.25-nrj-desktop 
with these fixes incorporated:



Feel free to try them and please report back if there are any problems.

So far, I have tested it on my ThinkPad x230 with ROSA Fresh R2 (KDE) - 
and yes, I can finally increase and decrease brightness with Fn+F8/F9! 
At long last.

Note that if function keys to manage brightness still do not work when 
that kernel is used, try setting kernel option 
video.use_native_backlight=1 at boot time. It is needed for some Lenovo 
laptops at least.

Important: do not use acpi* boot options with this kernel.



Eugene Shatokhin, ROSA Laboratory.
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