[rosa-devel] Network package change in my personal repo

Alexander Kazancev alexander.kazantsev at rosalab.ru
Thu May 2 16:26:09 MSK 2013

If you use my personal repository, you found that you system update to new
version drakxtools, drakx-net and NM.

In this package i did some changes, common is fully drop draknetcenter,
drakx-net-applet and using ifcfg-mdv in NM. For some user this change will
scary, but i think they usefull and all needing in ROSA. Full changelog is

- Use ifcfg-rh in NN
- drop applet package
- drop draknetcenter
- add to consolehelper draknfs and draksambashare
- fix consolehelper
- drop drakgw, drakids, draknetprofile, drakvpn, drakroam
- move drakfirewall from drakxtools

Next step is fix hardrake to call NM instead draknetcenter for configure
network card.

My repo you may find in



Alexander Kazancev
Release manager of ROSA Desktop distribution
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