[rosa-devel] [Rosa-users] corrupted NVidia updates

Giovanni Mariani mc2374 at mclink.it
Fri May 3 20:34:39 MSK 2013

On 03/05/13 18:14, Alexander Kazancev wrote:
> Also users setup drivers manually and miss STRONGLY needing option
> 'nomodeset'. I don't know why previous driver worked without it, but 313
> driver and upper DON'T WORK without it. User simple need add 'nomodeset' in
> kernel line and will not setup nvidia and amd driver manually without
> XFdrake!
Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember that we once used to blacklist radeon
and nouveau kernel modules, hence preventing them to load at the startup
time without the need of the "nomodeset" boot option...
Perhaps now we don't do it anymore and this causes all the above trouble?


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