[rosa-devel] I: Mesa9.1.2/Xorg1.14.1 > we don't need anymore two different Mesa built versions...

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Sat May 4 23:17:29 MSK 2013


We all are very tired of the the ATI scarce support for linux with fglrx:
we should suggest the our users the adoption of the ati xorg free drivers

About Xorg free Ati driver:UVD
AMD Releases Open-Source UVD Video Support

MIB is working to include UVD support on the next Kernels

We must wait Mesa 9.2 with Kernel 3.9 (and about 22 more patches):
this might be available soon,but not before than june...

mesa 9.2dev requires back-porting of llvm 3.3 (released in june?)
actually there were issues with libclc (OpenCL support on radeon)

with ATI alot of "dissatisfaction", andwe are not alone...


As of April 26, 2013, Catalyst packages are no longer offered in the official repositories.  In the past, Catalyst has been dropped from official Arch support because of dissatisfaction with the quality 
and speed of development.  This time, it's the incompatibility with Xorg 1.14. 
Compared to the open source driver, Catalyst performs worse in 2D graphics, but has a better support for 3D rendering and power 
management. Supported devices are ATI/AMD Radeon video cards with chipset R600 and newer (Radeon HD 2xxx and newer). See the Xorg decoder ring or this table, to translate model names (X1900, HD4850) to/from chip names (R580, RV770 respectively). 



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Oggetto: Re: [rosa-devel] Mesa9.1.2/Xorg1.14.1 > we don't need anymore two different Mesa built versions...

In data giovedì 2 maggio 2013 23:08:35, Alexander Kazancev ha scritto:

Good news, but AMD still ignore X-server 14

Because, unfortunately, AMD is shit! Forgive me!

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