[rosa-devel] desktop-file-utils 0.21

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Mon May 6 15:25:35 MSK 2013

On 05/01/2013 12:23 PM, symbianflo wrote:
> Hi
> I'd like to have desktop-file-utils  0.21 , on both LTS and Fresh 
> since  it have few new features and allows
> us to fix/install  more desktop files, so we'll have less desktop 
> "cat" on specs , and/or
> less another secondary source as the desktop file.
> But, yes it is a but, I would start a QA procedure , the only problem 
> is that
> I don't really have no clue what should I write in "advisory ", is not 
> a app used by the endusers ,
> it is a tool  used, pretty much  by the packagers.
> I have diffed up the help but I 'm pretty sure ain't no enough for a QA:

I'm sure our QA is qualified enough to deal with command-line utilities, 
not only to click on different buttons in GUI apps:) But you are welcome 
to give advices - how to check the new update (e.g., if you know that 
some packages highly depend on the updated one and should be checked 

In the advisory you can say that this is an update to a new upstream 
version, highlight the major changes and give a link to complete 
changelog (like this one - 

Denis Silakov, ROSA Laboratory.

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