[rosa-devel] OpenMandriva QA team is organizing.

Ben Bullard benbullard79 at cox.net
Tue May 7 06:31:39 MSK 2013

OpenMandriva QA team is organizing.


We're just getting started, getting organized, planning and so forth. 
I'm wondering if I/we could make contact with people in QA at ROSA? We 
are just getting started and are few in number. We should have bugzilla 
up soon and will have a ML but don't have a lot of resources yet either. 
Among other things I would like to ask people who know about QA is "What 
do you do and how do you do it?" Any advice, help, links, help finding 
resources or whatever is greatly appreciated.

If any ROSA users are interested in helping we can sure use it.



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