[rosa-devel] Alpha ROSA Fresh LXDE RP1

Alexander Kazancev alexander.kazantsev at rosalab.ru
Thu May 9 16:39:42 MSK 2013

Hi all. Alpha version LXDE spin of ROSA Fresh avalible for test. That
release build with all current ROSA updates and consists some features will
implement in ROSA in near future (some in LXDE only):

- kernel 3.8.x (now 3.8.3, in beta will be 3.8.5)
- LightDM as default DM
- systemd DM setup (you need now use systemctl enable/disable xyzDM for
- full drop ROSA drakx-net network scripts. Switch to RH NM use style
- X-server 1.13.3 with detect improvements
- intel driver 2.21.6
- some clean in initscrips

Now only i586 version - x86_64 will be avalible soon.

What in progress:
- GTK3 theme
- lxde-control-center clean and fix
- drakedm rewriting for use with systemd dm change mode
- software list fix
- first boot kbd change fix (may be use lxpanel new kbd applet)
- lighdm improverment
- service fix

Please report me about all errors and needing features...

Alexander Kazancev
Release manager of ROSA Desktop distribution
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