[rosa-devel] Huge update pushed to repo for ROSA Fresh

Alexander Kazancev alexander.kazantsev at rosalab.ru
Thu May 9 22:00:16 MSK 2013

Hi all. We done one big step for moving to systemd and droping obsolete
part of Mandriva.

1. Initscripts cleared from obsoletes scripts
2. Graphics system now use systemd for run DM
3. Drakxnet part in a beginning for full move to NM (next update drakx-net
fully drop it)

Update will be without problem, but if you has blank black screen after
reboot please go to second virtual console (Now 1 console is graphics,
instead 7) and login as root

Than type

systemctl enable kdm.service

(or if you use Gnome systemcl enable gdm.service). Than reboot and enjoy.

P.S. SLiM will be fixed for new mode in some days...
P.S.S. What DM need be fix too? XDM ?

Alexander Kazancev
Release manager of ROSA Desktop distribution
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