[rosa-devel] MAIN on ROSA

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Fri May 10 20:48:51 MSK 2013

Is there any interest in keep up to date main media on Rosa or what
we'll get is what we already have ?
I'll explain myself, I'm trying to update the contrib , but it's really
hard to build updated packages 
against old main dependency , all I can see is Kazancev and Nicco that
are pushing in Rosa, 
so , if is not a secret , why nobody works to update main packages?
Where is everybody?
I have a QA request since  2013-05-06  nobody answer , still  Status:
( last time I've got an answer within 10 minutes ...)
do I have to know something? Are we repeating the mandriva's 
Have you noticed how many red flagged portings are in main ( just take a
look at the tracker) ? 
It is me or something ain't quite right here?
I'm taking advantage of this mail and ask a favor , please publish this
builds in LTS /contrib , I need them to complete  the porting of 



           ***MandrivaUsers Romania Backports***
     I do thank you for your time , have a doable day
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