[rosa-devel] MAIN on ROSA

Andrey Bondrov andrey.bondrov at rosalab.ru
Fri May 10 21:01:57 MSK 2013

В Fri, 10 May 2013 18:48:51 +0200
symbianflo <symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro> пишет:

> I'll explain myself, I'm trying to update the contrib , but it's
> really hard to build updated packages 
> against old main dependency , all I can see is Kazancev and Nicco that
> are pushing in Rosa, 
> so , if is not a secret , why nobody works to update main packages?
> Where is everybody?

I'm working on KDE 4.9 -> 4.10 official update for Rosa 2012.1 Main.

Arkady Shane is working on Gnome 3.6 -> 3.8 official update for Rosa
2012.1 Main.

Alexander Burmashev is working on Windows Azure support for Rosa 2012.1
and daily testing ISOs for upcoming 2012.1 RP1.

All these are big tasks so we don't have much manpower for common daily
package updates. :-/

> I'm taking advantage of this mail and ask a favor , please publish
> this builds in LTS /contrib , I need them to complete  the porting of 
> unvanquished:
> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1086065
> https://abf.rosalinux.ru/build_lists/1086064


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