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symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Fri May 10 23:29:05 MSK 2013

That's awesome  then, because I'll be never able to ask a update
symbianflo  2013-05-06 21:11:44 MSK 
I don't have the update request in RESOLVED/FIXED so please be
patient ...

I don't really get it what is being changed in bugzilla  but my
previouse update requests 
went fine...

( screenshot  to avoid any doubts )
Ok nevermind , I give up...
At this point I can only tell that the "outsider 's  backports"  turns
useful, again as in ex mdv turned ...I might say ...

If somebody can assume this huge risk and publish  unvanquished would be
awesome .
I ain't push no builds in LTS/contrib anymore, so I wont disturb you
again with this ,
but I've promised to the developers that Rosa will have the porting
complete before the tournament.


Il giorno ven, 10/05/2013 alle 22.26 +0400, Denis Silakov ha scritto:

> On 05/10/13 20:48, symbianflo wrote: 
> > HI
> > Is there any interest in keep up to date main media on Rosa or what
> > we'll get is what we already have ?
> > I'll explain myself, I'm trying to update the contrib , but it's
> > really hard to build updated packages 
> > against old main dependency , all I can see is Kazancev and Nicco
> > that are pushing in Rosa, 
> > so , if is not a secret , why nobody works to update main packages?
> > Where is everybody?
> > I have a QA request since  2013-05-06  nobody answer , still
> > Status: UNCONFIRMED    
> If you are talking about bug 1993, then you should mark it as RESOLVED
> FIXED by yourself and set "Request for Update" flag ("qa_verified"
> fshould be automatically set to "?" after this):
> http://wiki.rosalab.ru/en/index.php/Requesting_an_Update
> QA uses a filter to find such bugs (resolved fixed with "qa_verified"
> set to "?") and review only them. 
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           ***MandrivaUsers Romania Backports***
     I do thank you for your time , have a doable day
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