[rosa-devel] Freetype with enabled Adobe CFF engine

Denis Koryavov denis.koryavov at rosalab.ru
Sun May 12 15:07:55 MSK 2013

Hello folks!

As you probably know, new freetype2 - 2.4.12 has been released.
A major new feature is a new rasterizer for CFF fonts, contributed
by Adobe and Google [1].

I built this package for ROSA 2012.1 platform into my personal 
repository [2], so If you want to test a new rasterizer, you can do

Also I created a pull request [3]. I hope that the maintainer of a 
freetype2 package will consider this update as acceptable and we
will see a new rasterizer in the main repository soon. :)

Enjoy and do not forget to send your feedback!

[1] http://google-opensource.blogspot.ru/2013/05/got-cff.html
[2] https://abf.rosalinux.ru/platforms/30
[3] https://abf.rosalinux.ru/import/freetype2/pull_requests/1

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