[rosa-devel] Systemd moving - step 2

Alexander Kazancev alexander.kazantsev at rosalab.ru
Sun May 12 23:59:10 MSK 2013

Hi all. It's me now and i again need you help.
Second step of systemd moving need drop obsoletes in more systemd distros
(mageia and fedora done this) consolehelper and policykit.

We don't drop it from repo, but drop it from you system.

What changed:
- obsolete consolekit, policykit and consolekit-x11
- fix accountservice and enable accounts-daemon.service
- fix xinit
- fix python-slip
- fix lightdm to use logind
- fix systemd to use greeter options in pam
- fix lxsession for use logind

What need to test:
- use KDE and Gnome with new implementation.
- some problem with system
- some problem with login/logout

How test - simple add my private repo and update you system. My repo
consists stage1 moving package (mode DM to systemd), than after update if
you use non-oficial build kde or gnome or another DE, than kdm/gdm you may
see black screen.

Don't panic! Simple Ctrl+F2, login as root and than type

systemctl enable kdm.service or systemctl enable gdm.service or you

Add repo:

urpmi.addmedia akdengi --update


urpmi.addmedia akdengi --update

Alexander Kazancev
Release manager of ROSA Desktop distribution
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