[rosa-devel] Mass migration of packages to 'pkgconfig' BRs

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Mon May 13 17:10:54 MSK 2013

On 05/13/2013 04:45 PM, symbianflo wrote:
> That's awesome , if it works is really awesome , but I have a problem...
> since a lot of my builds are based on specfiles that are  cross -rosa 
> version
> meaning that I have a bcond that ask for pkgconfig(foo) %if %{mdvver} 
> >= 201210
> else foo-devel where the foo don't generate a foo.pc file in LTS ( for 
> various reasons),
> my question is all this spec files would be affected ?
> If yes that's bad.... a lot of specs  should be rewritten manually 
> then....
> with hope that this tool will not overwrite ounce more foo-devel.
> I use to have single spec file per build for both rosa release ( and 
> since this week
> I had in mind RELS too ...)  so finger cross....
Hm, do you maintain these specs in your own repositories? If yes, they 
will not be affected at all. Only spec files from import/rosa2012.1 and 
openmandriva/cooker are affected.

Another important note is that the tool updates the spec only if there 
are "invalid-build-requires" errors reported for it by rpmlint running 
for ROSA Desktop Fresh. If you correctly use 'pkgconfig' under the "%if 
%{mdvver} >= 201210" condition, then there should be no problems - such 
spec should not be touched.

But the tool doesn't recognize '%if' conditions, so if it decides to 
update the spec, then every BR will be transformed to pkgconfig (if 

Denis Silakov, ROSA Laboratory.

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