[rosa-devel] Mass migration of packages to 'pkgconfig' BRs

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Mon May 13 17:24:20 MSK 2013

Let's hope you have right... the point is that i 've pushed in
import /contrib most of the builds and 
it doesn't make sense to keep them on _my-personal too...
We'll see , anyway in LTS is not much to be changed... only if you 'll
update the foo's to versions that provide pc file...
or maybe to provide the pkgconfig(foo) manually :D


Il giorno lun, 13/05/2013 alle 17.10 +0400, Denis Silakov ha scritto:
> On 05/13/2013 04:45 PM, symbianflo wrote:
> > 
> > That's awesome , if it works is really awesome , but I have a
> > problem...
> > since a lot of my builds are based on specfiles that are  cross
> > -rosa version 
> > meaning that I have a bcond that ask for pkgconfig(foo) %if
> > %{mdvver} >= 201210
> > else foo-devel where the foo don't generate a foo.pc file in LTS
> > ( for various reasons),
> > my question is all this spec files would be affected ?
> > If yes that's bad.... a lot of specs  should be rewritten manually
> > then....
> > with hope that this tool will not overwrite ounce more foo-devel.
> > I use to have single spec file per build for both rosa release ( and
> > since this week 
> > I had in mind RELS too ...)  so finger cross....
> Hm, do you maintain these specs in your own repositories? If yes, they
> will not be affected at all. Only spec files from import/rosa2012.1
> and openmandriva/cooker are affected.
> Another important note is that the tool updates the spec only if there
> are "invalid-build-requires" errors reported for it by rpmlint running
> for ROSA Desktop Fresh. If you correctly use 'pkgconfig' under the "%
> if %{mdvver} >= 201210" condition, then there should be no problems -
> such spec should not be touched.
> But the tool doesn't recognize '%if' conditions, so if it decides to
> update the spec, then every BR will be transformed to pkgconfig (if
> possible).
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