[rosa-devel] Problems updating rpm

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Thu May 16 11:44:28 MSK 2013

can you provide the output :
cat /etc/urpmi/mediacfg.d/rosa2012.1-current-x86_64/url

( just a guess i'm not on FRESH now) 
main-updates and non-free, lts media you had added in fresh for
sure ....
and maybe contrib too .
Is a mess your $MIRRORLIST , If I where you I would clean cache , delete
all media sources and reinstall all
by hand , but you'll still have a unstable system since you have LTS and
FRESH packages 
Is this an upgrade form lts to fresh? Or a new install ?

Il giorno gio, 16/05/2013 alle 09.26 +0200, cristobal lopez silla ha

> tobal at tobal ~ $ urpmq --sources flash-player-plugin
> rosa-elementary-dark-theme
> http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012lts/repository/x86_64/media/main/updates/rosa-elementary-dark-theme-2.4.2-8-rosa.lts2012.0.noarch.rpm
> http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012lts/repository/x86_64/media/non-free/release/flash-player-plugin-
> http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012lts/repository/x86_64/media/non-free/updates/flash-player-plugin-
> tobal at tobal ~ $ 


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     I do thank you for your time , have a doable day
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