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Denis Koryavov denis.koryavov at rosalab.ru
Thu May 16 14:01:08 MSK 2013

В Чт., 16/05/2013 в 02:41 +0000, finid at linuxbsdos.com пишет:

> In looking through the feature plan (http://ur1.ca/dvinw) of KDE 4.11, 
> I see entries for StackFolder and KLook that are still in TODO status.
> I think they've been in that status for quite sometime now. Are the 
> guys from ROSA still working on this or has it been abandoned?
> Thanks,


No, these projects do not abandoned. We tried to pass our code to KDE
several times, but every time we met with difficulties. 

When we tried to send StackFolder, KDE guys told to us that we should do
new version of the folderview plugin and refused our variant. It was
for us. 

When we tried to send KLook, a new maintainer of the Dolphin file
manager refused
all our attempts to do this too (with many fair-fetched arguments). I do
not have a
working link right now, but I wrote about this some time ago here [1].

Thus, we gave up trying to send our code to KDE upstream and KLook with
will be unique features of ROSA. :)

[1] http://www.koryavov.net/2012/11/klook-20-better-that-ever.html

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