[rosa-devel] Alpha ROSA Fresh LXDE RP1

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Fri May 17 19:22:37 MSK 2013

I gave it the week , I'm using it for builds and testing 
( builds mostly in tty, it's a lot more faster), 
LXDE is fast, precise, and stable, no crash, freeze or
what so ever unpleasant surprises.
I had few issues with consolekit but urpmi --auto-update -auto 
solve it.

I gave to this machine only 1Gig of ram and one cpu core 
run great .
Now, I'm not a real fan of LXDE ( actually I hate it ...), 
maybe rosa-look of our LXDE  makes it easier to support it :D

To be fixed in LXDE:
-klook don't works really .. space-bar pressed on selected file 
will open it with the default  application
( from shell it works klook /path/file)
-I'm not able to add stackfolder on my deck
-I'm not able to configure sound ( fatal err unable to connect
( also true that pulse  don't work on my machines, alsa rulez)


           ***MandrivaUsers Romania Backports***
     I do thank you for your time , have a doable day
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