[rosa-devel] Packaging-tools - several handful scripts to facilitate maintainer's life

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Tue May 21 13:41:17 MSK 2013

Awesome , I can give it a try right now, can you provide links
literature a.s.o please?
It is already packed ?
(Maybe for LTS ?)


Il giorno mar, 21/05/2013 alle 13.19 +0400, Denis Silakov ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> I've recently built "packaging-tools" for ROSA - a set of scripts 
> originally developed by Bero for Ark Linux and recently ported to 
> OpenMandriva.
> The tools include a simple general-purpose spec generator called 
> '''vs''' which creates a spec template and opens it in '''vim''' (or in 
> the editor specified in the EDITOR or VISUAL environment variables).
> There are also specialized spec generators for different kind of packages:
> * '''vl''' for libraries
> * '''vp''' for Perl modules
> * '''vj''' for Java packages
> These generators create spec files that take into account package 
> specific (e.g., it creates proper subpackages for libraries, installs 
> Java stuff to proper places in file system, etc.).
> Another useful tool is '''e''' - a simple helper for gendiff. If you 
> want to prepare a patch for some package, then you should unpack the 
> sources and edit the file you want to modify using '''e'''.
> This script will actually call you favorite editor (set in the EDITOR or 
> VISUAL environment variables; '''vim''' is used by default) but vefor 
> this it will create a backup file with a predefined suffix (for ROSA 
> Desktop Fresh, '''rosa2012.1~''' will be used) which can be overridden 
> using the '''-s''' option. After all modifications to the source code 
> are done, you can use '''gendiff' to generate the patch.
> As an example, let's take '''someapp-1.2.3''' tarball, modify test.c 
> file in it using '''geany''' and then prepare a patch with our 
> modifications.
>    $ tar xzvf someapp-1.2.3.tar.xz
>    $ cd someapp-1.2.3
>    $ export EDITOR=geany
>    $ e test.c
>    $ cd ..
>    $ gendiff someapp-1.2.3 .rosa2012.1~ >my.patch
> This way can seem to be a little complex, but it is really convenient 
> and fast when you need to prepare a small patch for a large tarball.


           ***MandrivaUsers Romania Backports***
     I do thank you for your time , have a doable day
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