[rosa-devel] A new Kernel is on the way (inside my mind) > rtQL

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Sat May 25 15:21:01 MSK 2013


Actually we have 4 different kernels for ROSA & cooker, prepared by me:
1> -nrj 2> -nrjQL 3> -vanilla and 4> -rt

after having prepared and tested latest: 

Linux localhost.localdomain 3.8.13-rt8.1rosa #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Sat May 18 23:34:39 MSK 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I'm using kernel-rt since few day, and I must admit is great:
it's stable, it works fine also with proprietary drivers, and
differently than believed it permits us to add few hw patches

RT Preempt is perfect for Pro Audio and Industrial RT apps

but it's missing some of things that make nrjQL flavours great
so I have had a such mad idea of preparing a new experiment...

the union between RT with most of nrjQL, so >Kernel-rtQL 

where in nrjQL the PREMPTion is the max expression to have a desktop and
multimedia kernel very optimized,

RT Preemption is more accurate, or pratically it's a perfectrealtime behaviour
nrj tried to mimicking the RT behaviour using what is available in stock kernel

I'll get RT kernel (vanilla + RT), and I will add the QL patches and configs

I want to obtain an RT kernel with a better behaviour and performances for:
- Disk disk I/O scheduling,
- Better memory management,
- Better hybernation
- and other desktop and multimedia improvments related stuff
- adding a lot of features not available in vanilla kernels
I wish use even the best of ck1 patches, like swappiness and some others...

(examples: AUFS3, OverlayFS, ESFQ, UREADAHEAD, AUFS3, VHBA, REISERFS4, ...)

If this will be lead to a real working and performant kernel, now I can't know,
but I'll try that and if all that wouldbe possible,
then I need the first testing and important opinions by our tester Mario Moles 

Kernel rtQL goals:

1> it must be RT perfect, for a 100% perfect Realtime OS

2> it must have all the QL features and improvments working fine with RT mode

What it's the most complicate thing is the preparation of all merged configs.
clock, timings, ecc..., where all toghether must work as a perfect symphony

thanks, for Your attention

bye, NicCo
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