[rosa-devel] Mesa 9.1.x/9.2 & Xorg 1.14.x > the project is continuing to be full developed...

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Tue May 28 11:27:25 MSK 2013


Mesa 9.1/9.2 & Xorg 14.x project for ROSA Fresh status:

Mesa 9.1 & Xorg 14 project is continuing to be full developed,

and it's tested daily on all hardware that I can put hands on...

now we are waiting only the ATI proprietary with ABI 14 support, 

then You can import safely all MIB sources to update Fresh RP2

With incoming Mesa9.2 and Kernel 3.10 we'll have ATI UVD support
we are already experimenting this with a patched version of 3.9 

I remind You the main page of this MIB project

TESTING!!! > Mesa 9.1.3 and Xorg 1.14.1 port for Rosa Fresh

thanks for Your attention

bye, NicCo
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