[rosa-devel] Kernel 3.10 rc3: It's already availlable for ROSA & cooker...

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Wed May 29 00:14:12 MSK 2013

Hi,I wrote this text, very few time ago into this ML...

"While we are still committed to the Kernel 3.8.13, refining it for the close Fresh RP1,
and we started the preparation of kernel 3.9 series for complex nrj and nrjQL flavours,

now we are interested to start preparing something also for the early Kernel 3.10 series:
We hope to release very soon, at least, perhaps the kernel-vanilla 3.10 rc3 or next rc4...

Work in progress..."

I'm NOT spamming...
but even before I could ever imagine, we have kernel 3.10, and it works fine!

Kernel 3.10 will be surely the most interesting kernel of the recent series...
Probaly it will become the next LTS Kernel after the 3.4 serie,
the fact that is working fine in Marathon is a very good thing!

Kernel 3.10: Feature set defined - Soon for ROSA & cooker...


Here the Topic I published soon after my installation on Marathon
after the first reboot, then KDE loginš when I realized it worked

Kernel vanilla 3.10 rc3 ROSA2012 2012.1, MDV2010/11 cooker

thanks for Your attention
bye, NicCo
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