[rosa-devel] DO WE TEST UPDATES ? Most of the equipment is not working after upgrading to 3.8.12 and other packages on HP ProBook 6465b

Anton Chernyshov anton.chernyshov at rosalab.ru
Thu May 30 09:55:08 MSK 2013

Did you try to use dhcp client directly from the command line? May be you just have problem with NetworkManager?

Did you try to use systemctl start kdm|gdm.service for graphical system to start?
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Sergey Lozenkov <sergey.lozenkov at rosalab.ru> ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ(Α):

>Good day.
>It is not good day for me. Today I have updated my system and have got
>completely non-working computer :((((((((((((((
>0. After updating packages I want to reboot system but power button in
>SW is not working (I use reboot command). First start of updated system
>was verrrrrrrrrrrry long.
>After reboot I have such system:
>1. Wired network interface is not working. I have grey (disabled) tab
>for wired connection in NM and not configured network in ifconfig -a
>2. Wireless interface is not working (i have no interface in iwconfig
>output at all)
>3. USB sticks are not mouted automatically
>4. /var/log/messages is full of network errors
>5. I have no sound (I have only fictitious device in mixer, but Analog
>stereo and HDMI is disabled (grey) )
>I understand that maybe my situation is rare but I am very disappointed
>with this situation. 
>I had good system on 3.6.10 with all working hardware, but after
>updating I could not use my laptop for anything usefull :(((((
>P.S. I try to collect all diagnostic infogmation for creating cases.
>Firstlevel Rosalab
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