[rosa-devel] massive update

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Thu May 30 21:14:07 MSK 2013

Have you tried mirror.rosalab.ru? This is the official mirror ready for 
high loads that should have no problems with syncing.

30.05.2013 20:53, symbianflo пишет:
> Hi
> Just a thought , I had ( had=past tense *)  a machine with 2012.1 586 
> to sacrifice  and I've tried to
> gave a spin to this massive update , as media sources was yandex mirror ,
> of course the machine is unusable:
> missing : kernel devel , xinit and libakonadi-contact4, at the first 
> attempt
> second attempt, missing: kio4-stmp, libkblog4, libkworkspace4
> At the third attempt , no missing deps , and I went for it :D
> Doesn't even boot  anymore  after 10 minutes  of loading kernel.....
> Ive delete that machine.
> 5 minutes ago I've finished updateing  this host ( where I'm now)
> but here I have all the repos from ABF , no mirror whatsoever,
> (rebooted few times just in case), but no problem at all...
> Brand new shiny KDE , kdm loads  like a charm ...
> Now you can even ban me or delete my account  for this  but
> in my case one thing is for sure  YANDEX SUCKS., or sync with yandex
> have flows , yandex hate italian IP,  I don't know...
> Also I know that you want to avoid using abf as media source,
> but , abf  save my ass, what you gonna do ... :D
> Greetings

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