[rosa-devel] My last working day at ROSA

Denis Koryavov denis.koryavov at rosalab.ru
Fri May 31 09:05:08 MSK 2013

Hello folks, 

Today is my last working day at ROSA. We were together 3 years. And I should say that It was a 
fantastic period of my life. Really. But now I have to go. I do not want to write a big message, I'd just 
like to say with all one's heart: 

thank you for all! Thank you for the time that we were together. 
My very best wishes and good luck, ROSA! 

P.S Lastly, we prepared a small surprise: we improved our ROSA Elementary Theme Pack by adding 
a new GTK3 theme and GNOME Shell theme, and have updated GTK2/QT theme for better compliance 
with the GTK3 theme (thus, all your applications will look very closely, even if you will use applications 
written on the GTK2, GTK3 or QT toolkits). The new theme pack already in the updates. Just update your 
systems and enjoy! 

Always yours, 
Denis Koryavov 
the (ex)head of the UI development department. 

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