[rosa-devel] qmmp plf mixed with contrib in 2014.1?

symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Sun Jun 8 13:29:19 MSK 2014

According to the test log , the qmmp-contrib can not be published 
because already exist the restricted
the media source is main and contrib as you can see, but I don't 
understand why
plf-restricted build is involved here?
A package with the same name and same or newer version 
(0:0.7.7-1plf:2014.1) already exists in repositories!
Test code output:  1
It checks also the restricted media even if I set only main+ contrib, no 
extra media added.

Build for platform rosa2014.1
Save to repository rosa2014.1/contrib
Include 'testing' subrepository false
Included repositories main, contrib

And obviously, plf %extrarelsuffix will overdue the free release , if 
restricted is added to the test
this will be the test-log exit, I would gladly keep the "Use extra tests 
true" since is a great testing feature
and also very useful ( BTW ABF guys:  thanks ).
Now I'm just saying , do we really need the "free version" I'm pretty 
sure that nobody will disable restricted in order to use
only OSS code on he's linux box, ( even so we might already have some of 
few "grey crap" byte of code, in main and /or contrib...), so again do 
we really need
the qmmp-contrib version?
If we do need it , then ok , but then should be dropped restricted media 
from testing when the build ask only for main && contrib repos
otherwise all the packages that have a restricted version of it , will 
fail the test.
So please decide.
Thank you



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