[rosa-devel] Kernel: since 3.10.41 kernel builds are OK from 2012.0 to 2015.0

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Sun Jun 8 21:01:38 MSK 2014


Kernel LTS 3.10.41 for ROSA Marathon, Fresh 2012.1 & 2014.1

Main goal of this kernel 3.10.41 release is to verify the chance to obtain
the proper rebuild from only one srpm with the two new %mdvver values:
for the incoming rosa2014.1 and cookeršomv2015.0

Now the kernels can bešrebuilt properlyšfor upto six different platforms:
rosa2012lts, rosa2012.1, omv2013, omv2014, rosa2014.1, omv2015.0

In the next days all greater kernels will be updated in the same way:
so 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, then, soon after,šI'll focus on the new kernel 3.14

bye, NicCo
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