[rosa-devel] genhdlist2 in 2014.1

Alexander Burmashev alex.burmashev at rosalab.ru
Mon Jun 23 23:58:56 MSK 2014

I am not angry at all, just explaining my position a bit more detailed :)
Actually everything is ok, it is a normal situation, when different projects coexist on one platform and share resources. I just suggest to do a more thorough investigation.

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Il 23/06/2014 21:44, Alexander Burmashev ha scritto:
> I totally understand that there is a problem, that should be fixed, but noone yet run any tests that could clearly prove that rosa2012.1 genhdlist2 is borked ( and at the same time genhdlist2 from some other repo is working ok ).
> Until it is done, i consider it working as expected...
> Normally i would have done it myself, but not today.
I don't know if in 2012.1 is broken , I just update the hdlist on mrb 
with it and seems ok to me , ( now if on abf you have another 
version-release, then I don't know),
I was talking about 2014.1, and i did not want to get you angry, i 
thought is useful to report it, so please don't get mad on me for this.
If you are angry for other thing that i've done then ok , I understand.
Thank you.


MRB ain't no shit




Talk is cheap, show me the code.

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