[rosa-devel] Launching application menu with Super (Windows) Key

Julia Dronova julia.dronova at rosalab.ru
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Hello Raphaël, 
> Do you think having it configured by default worth it? 

Some fun people (me including :) ) use the left win for switching between keyboard layouts, also some people sometimes use it directly ( e.g. not like a modifier key ) for any other purposes, so in my opinion it would be not very good idea to have this ksuperkey configured by default. (Even if we are a minority :) ) But the information is worth spreading, really, I'll seed it into the community, thank you! :) 

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Julia Dronova, ROSA Labs 
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Тема: [rosa-devel] Launching application menu with Super (Windows) Key 


Many people coming from Windows lack this default behaviour, which is launching the appication menu with Super key, although it works in Ubuntu or Gnome, it doesn't in KDE. 

Here is a solution http://blog.hanschen.org/2012/10/17/open-application-launcher-with-super-key/ 

Not difficult to do (simply install ksuperkey, add it in autostart, + associate Alt+F1 to SW), but not so simple for a beginner. Do you think having it configured by default worth it? 


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