[rosa-devel] [OM Cooker] Launching application menu with Super (Windows) Key

Raphaël Jadot rj at hodo.fr
Mon Sep 8 14:18:47 MSK 2014

It's why simply converting the key as a simple key was not a good solution,
citing the author of the link I provided

"Pressing Super would then invoke the shortcut, and you wouldn’t be able to
use it as a modifier anymore. For people like me who rely heavily on the
Super key – I use it to launch and control applications – we’re suddenly
left with one extra key for the price of  losing several key combinations.
Quite a bad trade-off."

Indeed, the shortcut is alt+F1 and ksuperkey expect this behaviour (or you
have to change the config file)

ksuperkey helps providing the same behaviour as in Windows/Ubuntu + keeps
the meta behaviour.

The idea is to have by default the windows behaviour, not letting the user
having to make some configuration. If the idea seems ok amongst members,
then I'll open a ticket :)

@Julia, just see your email, very interesting feedback, it's true that in
several countries, there is need to quickly change layout. I'll forward the
information inside the related loomio.

2014-09-08 12:02 GMT+02:00 Tomasz Gajc <tpgxyz at gmail.com>:

> Lusers also can do it easily, just click right mous button on menu icon,
> choose options and then shortcuts...
> Unfortunately windows key is used as a "meta" key, so using this one as a
> shortcut may have negative impact on other shortcuts that already are using
> windows key.
> Anyways by default it is used ALT+F1
> https://abf.io/omv_software/distro-kde4-config/blob/master/OpenMandriva/common/share/apps/plasma/layout-templates/org.openmandriva.plasma-desktop.defaultPanel/contents/layout.js#L47
> I think it is better to use bugzilla for such things.
> 2014-09-07 0:27 GMT+02:00 Raphaël Jadot <rj at hodo.fr>:
>> Hello,
>> Many people coming from Windows lack this default behaviour, which is
>> launching the appication menu with Super key, although it works in Ubuntu
>> or Gnome, it doesn't in KDE.
>> Here is a solution
>> http://blog.hanschen.org/2012/10/17/open-application-launcher-with-super-key/
>> Not difficult to do (simply install ksuperkey, add it in autostart,  +
>> associate Alt+F1 to SW), but not so simple for a beginner. Do you think
>> having it configured by default worth it?
>> Raphaël
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