[rosa-devel] Updated publishing process for mdv-based platforms in ABF

Denis Silakov denis.silakov at rosalab.ru
Mon Sep 22 22:01:58 MSK 2014

Hi all,

Today we have pushed to ABF experimental changes in genhdlist2 aimed to 
significantly increase publication speed. Those who want to take a look 
at the patch can do this here:

For cooker, the patch is already merged in rpmtools tarball.

The patch is definitely not perfect, but at least it didn't break 
anything during the day. To be sure, constructive feedback and patches 
are welcome.

Please report any problems that you experience with this new publication 
process. Note that with this patch, issues with metadata can happen that 
can require metadata regeneration "from scratch"; please contact your 
platform administrators if you feel that metadata should be regenerated 
for some repositories.


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