[rosa-devel] MEI again; kernel patches and configs

Eugene Shatokhin eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru
Tue Sep 23 13:49:53 MSK 2014


Looks like Intel's mei and mei-me modules are built-in in our kernels 
3.14.x again. Did not noticed that until recently. However, they are not 
needed on the systems without the corresponding hardware and might even 
cause problems there (investigating that at the moment).

I suggest building them as modules again:

This way, they will not be loaded automatically if the system does not 
need them. And the user would be able to blacklist them if she wants to.

This is for 3.14.x only. As far as I can see, they are already built as 
modules in 3.15.x, so no changes are needed there.

I have created a project on ABF for the patches and configs used to 
build kernels for ROSA Fresh:


I have imported there the patches and configs that you maintain.

It is not required to use this project and its git repo of course, esp. 
if it does not fit your workflow well.

For me, it would be convenient to track changes in the patch sets and 
configs this way, so I will maintain that project.


Eugene Shatokhin, ROSA

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