[rosa-devel] My first impressions on ROSA Fresh R6 - release candidate

symbianflo symbianflo at mandrivausers.ro
Fri Jul 10 22:43:14 MSK 2015

Already seems boring but i'll never get bored to point it out
R6 rocks as all rosa spins since LTS ( included),
Installed in vbox ( 4.3.28, but we have pretty nice chances to
have 5.x very soon :-D ) just love it , with task-MRB I have all I need 
ready to use
exactly as I like :-D .
@Nicco I have no need for taking shots from the webcam
as for IRC/chat pidgin is the best.
I'll be participant of your impression about gimp's  one windowed GUI
@PR  boys and girls, please throw few lines here on ML ounce
QA declare it official
Thanks in advance.

Il 10/07/2015 19:55, Nicolò Costanza ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Today I've downloaded the current R6, after a trouble with one of my 
> USB ports,
> (copying the image with one USB port, the usb stick resulted with a 
> faulty boot)
> finally I properly copied the ISO to my USB stick (I have changed the 
> USB port)
> I booted into R6 Live mode, I have sent my hw-probe, and I used it for 
> few hours
> *
> *
> *My first impressions are really positive! It's **clean and responsive!
> *
> Nice to see, new default apps:
> Audacity, Chromium, Filelight, Gimp (one window mode is GREAT!), 
> Kdenlive, Hardware-probe
> While it would be nice to see:
> In this age of foto and video, we miss a small app to test and use the 
> webcam, so I've installed
> - Kamoso
> having the chance to test and use the webcam to record small video is 
> important, for my opinion
> other useful app would be one to let us using the IRC chats,
> - Konversation
> used into OMV Lx2014 as default, is not bad (I prefer XChat)
> ------
> thanks for Your attention
> bye, NicCo
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