[rosa-devel] My first impressions on ROSA Fresh R6 - release candidate

Nicolò Costanza abitrules at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 16 12:00:46 MSK 2015

Without the presence of EDIDBINS firmware in the ISOs,we can NOT use the EDID FIRMWARE override feature,
so in Live mode I can NOT setup the proper resolution...

Another thing, but this can be easily setup by preferences
is to obtain a better UX, managing your data with Dolphin

I have suggested a better customized Dolphinš 
(all my requests have been accepted for OpenMandriva Lx,you can see the Dolphin behaviour from an OMV Lx2014.2
in Live Mode)
few changes in the Dolphin configs to obtain better UX,
the most important, in my opinion,
is having in the lower right corner the info on free space
available on the current device, this is very usefull...

This can be easily done from the Dolphin, with
Configure DOLPHIN
General > Status Bar > Show Info on free space

this is the most important feature to enable asap,
"out of the box", but there are other interesting,all these can be copied from current omv dolphin cfgs

---thanks for Your attention
bye, NicCo  

     Il Mercoledì 15 Luglio 2015 22:44, Nicolò Costanza <abitrules at yahoo.it> ha scritto:


a missing thing from the R6 rc iso, the ISOs are missing a firmware
that is very important, this file is > EDIDBINS

it allows users to setup the proper resolution, 
when the xorg read bad values from edid

so you can setup with the proper resolution
for all the displays with this trouble
it very usefull that this firmware should be
in the ISOs, so you can setup resolution
just "out of the box"

--- just read here
this evening i tried installing R6 on a PC with an Asus 27 inch displayi attach here the model, a very nice monitor...
http://www.amazon.it/Asus-MX279H-Monitor-Pollici-LED-backlit/dp/B00A4K9KBQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436992602&sr=8-1&keywords=asus+27but, sorry
the resolution shown was only 1024x768 max
and this is wrong as it should be 1920x1080...

all resulted as badly stretched, ugly to see...
I tried the workaround, and i verfied that EDIDBINS was not installed
so I installed it, go to grub boot, Edit, just after boot=nologo I added


then I pressed F10 
the boot started ok, the KDM was FHD (1920x1080), KDE started in FHD, all OK

we need EDIDBINS in the ISOs!

---thanks for Your attention
bye, NicCo 

     Il Venerdì 10 Luglio 2015 19:55, Nicolò Costanza <abitrules at yahoo.it> ha scritto:

Today I've downloaded the current R6, after a trouble with one of my USB ports,(copying the image with one USB port, the usb stick resulted with a faulty boot)finally I properly copied the ISO to my USB stick (I have changed the USB port)

I booted into R6 Live mode, I have sent my hw-probe, and I used it for few hours

My first impressions are really positive! It's clean and responsive!

Nice to see, new default apps: Audacity, Chromium, Filelight, Gimp (one window mode is GREAT!), Kdenlive, Hardware-probe
While it would be nice to see:
In this age of foto and video, we miss a small app to test and use the webcam, so I've installed
- Kamosohaving the chance to test and use the webcam to record small video is important, for my opinion
other useful app would be one to let us using the IRC chats,- Konversation used into OMV Lx2014 as default, is not bad (I prefer XChat) 

------thanks for Your attentionbye, NicCo


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