[rosa-devel] My first impressions on ROSA Fresh R6 - release candidate

Eugene Shatokhin eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru
Thu Jul 16 13:18:53 MSK 2015


15.07.2015 23:44, Nicolò Costanza пишет:
> Hi,
> a missing thing from the R6 rc iso, the ISOs are missing a firmware
> that is very important, this file is > *EDIDBINS*
> it allows users to setup the proper resolution,
> when the xorg read bad values from edid
> so you can setup with the proper resolution
> for all the displays with this trouble
> it very usefull that this firmware should be
> in the ISOs, so you can setup resolution
> just "out of the box"
> --- just read here
> http://wiki.rosalab.ru/en/index.php/Kernel#Monitor_EDID_Loading
> ---

I have added "edidbins" package to our ISO images.

As we are close to the final phase of releasing ROSA R6, edidbins may 
not make it to the released images but it will appear in the newer ones.


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