[rosa-devel] [FYI] 32-bit kernels with PAE by default in rosa2014.1

Evgenii Shatokhin eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru
Thu Aug 25 23:08:33 MSK 2016


Starting from kernel 4.1.30, which our QA team is checking at the 
moment, support for PAE (Physical Address Extension) is enabled by 
default in ROSA R8 on 32-bit systems.

As you probably know, PAE is supported by the CPUs since Pentium Pro and 
has at least two benefits:
* ability to use more than 4 Gb of RAM on 32-bit systems;
* a bit stronger protection from faulty and malicious applications as 
well as from some kernel exploits: it is now possible to forbid code 
execution in the particular memory regions.

Until recently, there were 4 official kernel flavours for 32-bit systems 
in ROSA R8:
1) nrj-desktop
2) nrj-laptop
3) nrj-desktop-pae
4) nrj-laptop-pae

The first two did not have PAE enabled.

== What will change now? ==

* Only nrj-desktop and nrj-laptop flavours will remain and they will 
have PAE enabled now.
* The packages with non-PAE kernels will no longer be built and stored 
in the official repositories for ROSA R8.

If someone really needs a non-PAE kernel, it may be possible to prepare 
such packages separately and keep in a different repository.

== Are any actions required from ROSA users? ==

Most likely, no. The users do not need to do anything special, except in 
some particular cases, see below. The transition to PAE kernels will be 
done automatically when you install software updates as usual.

Note that if you have kernel-nrj-desktop-pae-4.1-latest and 
kernel-nrj-desktop-pae-4.1-devel-latest installed, they will be updated 
to kernel-nrj-desktop-4.1-latest and 
kernel-nrj-desktop-4.1-devel-latest. Same for their nrj-laptop-pae and 
nrj-laptop counterparts.

**** Important ****
If you have ROSA R8 (32 bit) installed in a virtual machine, e.g., a 
VirtualBox VM, please check if PAE is enabled in the settings of this 
virtual machine. It is recommended to enable it, otherwise the new 
kernel versions will not work there.


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