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Tue Dec 10 10:00:03 MSK 2013

We should be friendly to users, and triage bugs as soon as possible.  This mail is sent daily if any actions for old bugs are needed.

  This search was scheduled by pavel.shved at rosalab.ru.

No reaction to user's question for five days!
Bug 3077:
  Priority: Normal  Severity: minor  Platform: All
  Assignee: eugene.shatokhin at rosalab.ru
    Status: CONFIRMED
   Summary: VirtualBox 4.3 freezes my system making it dead
Bug 3204:
  Priority: Normal  Severity: normal  Platform: All
  Assignee: private-bugs at lists.rosalab.ru
    Status: CONFIRMED
   Summary: The mozilla firefox packages have released a security update [UPDATE REQUEST]

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