[Triage-desktop] [Bug 5448] drakxtools needs to be properly configured for various Domains.

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--- Comment #6 from Zombie Ryushu <zombie_ryushu at yahoo.com> ---
If you are referring to the way things used to work, you are absolutely
right. The way it used to work, nslcd would handle LDAP, and and if you
wanted to cache credentials from LDAP, you needed a command line utility
called nss_updatedb, this had to be installed along side pam_ccreds. To
cache LDAP Credentials, you had to run as root, nss_updatedb passwd ldap
and that would copy EVERY user name from LDAP to nss_db... the NOTFOUND
Directive would cause nslcd's module to be bypassed and use nss_db instead.

pam_ccreds actually worked as advertised with Kerberos, but it relied on
nss_db working.

Prior to the release of nslcd, you had nss_ldap which could render your
machine unable to Login even as root. The only way to fix that was to
disable nss_ldap and getent LDAP acccounts into /etc/passwd.

See, nss_db is technically a different service unrelated to LDAP. It's a local
service from a populated nss_updatedb utility. You have to run this from root.

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