[Triage-desktop] [Bug 5177] new kernel don't set by default

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Sat Mar 14 20:58:25 MSK 2015


--- Comment #1 from Konstantin Vlasov <konstantin.vlasov at rosalab.ru> ---
If by "default" you mean the kernel that appears as primary boot menu entry,
there's very little I can do. Kernels are sorted newest-to-oldest (by their
names and versions), and the newest one is made the primary.

How could Grub know which one was installed first, and which one last? And even
if it did, then updating the system from repository would just totally mess the
list of kernels depending on the random order in which they happened to be

If, taking that into account, you have any particular suggestions about kernels
sorting criteria, I'm ready to discuss them.

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