[Triage-desktop] [Bug 5246] gives error: undefined symbol: TLSv1_1_client_method

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--- Comment #5 from Denis Silakov <denis.silakov at rosalab.ru> ---
One of the proper ways is to write simple Shell wrapper for Storman executables
that would set OPENSSL_HOME and OPENSSL_BIN variables and then launch real
executables. Though I don't know how much wrappers will be required (i.e. how
many files should have these variables to be set). And I believe that this task
should be done by SotrMan developers:)

If you want to unset these variable on every boot, then you can try to add
"unset OPENSSL_HOME OPENSSL_BIN" to your ~/.bash_profile. But I am not sure if
this doesn't break anything related to Storman.

Finally, you can try to replace problematic libraries in /usr/StorMan/ssl/lib/
with symlinks to corresponding files in /usr/lib64. Since the soname is the
same, the libraries in /usr/lib64 should be backward compatible with the ones
provided by Storman, so Storman should be able to work with that libs.

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